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Bc game is scamming me or is lying


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Have you contacted the in-game support? I know @BCGame_POPsaid there should be some sort of resolution, but contacting support is the best option. If they tell you that itll take up to so many hours for a resolution, then youve gotta be patient with them. I know its hard and extremely frustrating. But anytime I've ever encountered any ossue like this they have always, and I mean ALWAYS, pulled through and resolved my issue in the time frame stated. And if worse case reach out whichever wallet you withdrew to and see if they too can also help. But please believe this, no amount of crypto or money is ever gonna be worth killing yourself my friend. I'm a 3 time suicide survivor. And the paid from all my friends and especially how much it tore my mother to pieces makes me regret every time I tried, succeeded and was brought back to life. If you ever need to talk to someone reach out to me. 

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