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Forum Rules and Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting


Whoops. No Sweetcodes. But let's be honest. You weren't going to click on this. Hey, since you're here, you should read through the Forum's Rules.

Forum Rules and Guidelines

Terms And Definitions To Know:
Categories are lists of Sections(or Forums).
Sections (or Forums) are where members and staff create Topics.
Topics are where members and staff Post Comments.
Spam is the number one enemy of Forums.

Introduction To The Rules:
We are all adults here. This is a casino forum. Let’s all be decent human beings that interact nicely with the other human beings. 

  • Before creating a Topic or Posting a Comment, read the rules for creating Topics that have been pinned inside every Section. 
  • Spam is the worst offense - It’s worse than murder. Spam is a meaningless Post. Off-Topic Posts or Topics created in the wrong Section will be treated as Spam
  • Racism and or hate filled speech is not allowed. 
  • No plagiarism. Copying and pasting content from others works is not allowed.
  • Do not Post malicious links or links to fraudulent sites.
  • Only one forum account per user. Multiple accounts will result in all accounts being removed and all rewards or prizes from events or giveaways will be forfeited.
  • Referral links are only allowed in the designated Section and only if they are legitimate and tested by the member Posting them. That means, show some proof that it’s legit.  
  • Publishing personal info about other members and Staff (Doxxing) is not allowed. 

A Few Guidelines To Follow 

  • Try not to create Topics that have already been created. If a similar Topic already exists,  add your thoughts and Post Comments to that Topic. 
  • After being warned for violating the rules, please don’t take it personally and start spamming for revenge. 
  • No Spamming.
  • No Spamming.
  • Begging is ok! Just do it in the “Beg” Section or your Topic will be deleted and you may have restrictions placed on your account.
  • Your Topic Title (Subject Title) should describe your Topic’s content.
  • Do not create Topics that are Scam accusations. Falsely accusing Staff or other members of scamming will not be tolerated. If you have been scammed by another player and you have indisputable proof, please report to an Administrator or Moderator.
  • Venting your frustrations and calling BC.Game a Scam is ok! Just don’t do it in the wrong Section or your Topic will be deleted and your account may be restricted. Please use the “Fvck BC” Section to tell us we suck after you lose. 
  • Respect these guidelines and we will continue to bring you an awesome, entertaining experience and of course, lots and lots of rewards.

The Report Feature. How And When To Use It

  • The report feature is to be used when you come across comments or topics that break any of the rules above.
  • It is not to be used on topics or comments that you don't like for personal reasons.
  • Please stop reporting every topic that Coco creates. It is making more work for me to un-report them.

Please note: These are guidelines, not laws. Admins can make decisions based on individual circumstances. Admins can also change these guidelines as they see fit without notice. It is the responsibility of each individual member  to check back here once in a while. Any major changes will be accompanied by an announcement. 

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