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How Coco made an upset P00ping robot


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And now,
its time for
a story:

about how chat rules and most palone
made komo,
who made jimmy... angry.... with ease.. and jimmy, 
who kicked a log in the road with a steel toed flipflop,
watched as the log rolled over komo,
the log splurk'd out a pile
of trademark infringing clothes,
while at the same moment in time
a heavy gust of wind
blew the clothes,
into a pond,
onto an alligator

now this alligator,
who had an incredible thirst for coin like no other..

(there was more thirst in this alligatorthan tiniwini, slutsmoker, elen and mr. cardboard(i know right?)
that alligator decided to
put on the trademark infringing clothes...
both pairs,
at the same time...

a few minute later,
once he tucked his junk into the scuba suit,
Der Village Pider
left his pond behind the YMCA..
as the stupid 80's song
became way too repetitive,
and it drove him
near the brink of self destruction.
(u know... click-click-boink(acme brand revolver))
(fooled you didn't I? you thought he was going to.. nope)
so he left,
and climbed into what he thought was a taxi-truck.
he was in the bed of a small man
that man,
who was
backwoods overall wearing,
jumps like a kenyan
runs like a kenyan
probably actually just a kenyan,
japanese produced
american marketed
 with absolutely no similarities nor likeness to Nintendo's characters

he then found an oddly clean,
green sewer tube.

And from that tube,
he found that if he forgets
 that if he uses the tube for travel
every 6 hours
(he used it like haniel potcliff and the soulless ginger and that one 
hot smart chick  would pimp smack dat floo powdah in a chimney)
 tens of thousands of small white
(some other colors & shapes) killacursorbees
begin attacking him, seemingly unprovoked for various amounts of coin..

"These degenerates want m'eth!"
he shouted as he fled
back down the tube every time,

but with the body of an alligator,

the clothes of a superhero that only like 3 people care about,

a can of spider-web silly string
attached to his costume at the butt...

the overalls
and scent of a dirty plumber

and an unnecessarily clean green sewage tube,

he decided to stop letting the killacursorbees take his much sought after ethereum..
he had an epiphany as a hawk flew overhead.

so he decided that he would trick the killacursorbee's
why does that keep happening when i say the ... oh.. neveermind..
he decided to trick them
into believing
that they were getting eth
but this one day
 instead of pooping more blue eth
and more eth
n mo'eth
n m'eth.
hedecided that he would rather have pooped a robot instead,
which he did
now, the robot rolled out unwillingly
that robot
who just spilled all of his purple drank
all over the coin particles,
got pissed right the fuck off
he kicked the alligator

right in the fuckin' shin
and clanked his shiny degen ass away.
and that's how coco found BCD to give to all of us.
pooped robot became p00ping robot,
to remember how he was shit out
and shit on
on the same day he appeared.

imagine.. 1st log on, get a log on you.
poor beep boop.

so... the moral of the story here is:

begging for tips is a risk
in the chat
theres rules for that
break a rule
catch a mute
to speak when mute
all the degen assholes 
need to sen
sen thatmutecoin
back too.

if you're a plumber
& you're missing your clothes
or if you're an actor
broke with no ho's.

to go find yo clothes

enjoy the degen show.

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what the fuck?

god damnit i gotta not get that kind of fucked up again I think... cause what the fuck.

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Bro this is beautiful


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19 hours ago, Satoshimask said:

what the fuck?

god damnit i gotta not get that kind of fucked up again I think... cause what the fuck.



robert m whitten

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nft THAT

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