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You want Feedback and Suggestions!?


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I'm kind of a little shocked to see you actually ask for feedback and suggestions considering you don't pay any mind to what we request as it is f dollars and you make up your own mind as to what changes will occur. You disgusting assholes have chopped away over 60% of the bonuses we once had! Your games, to top it all off, absolutely suck ass now and are by far ridiculous and impossible now. What's the fun if can't win something once in a while!? Now it seems like the only ones who win anything are the ones with millions of dollars they're throwing down the drain at you. 12 bitcoins wagered in a day!? Are you fucking kidding me!!!??? That is the biggest waste of thousands of dollars. Then you act like a bunch of assholes in chat and mute anyone who it seems knows too much or speaks their mind. You listen here you goddamn disgusting nasty little shitfucks, you need to focus on being fair and STOP TAKING SHIT AWAY FROM US YOU DIRTY SCAM ARTIST LITTLE ASSHOLES! AND DROP YOUR HOLIER THAN NOW ATTITUDE LIKE YOU OWN EVERYONE, CUZ GUESS WHAT? YOU DONT YOU UGLY WHORES! IM ON THE VERGE OF PLACING A NASTY VIRUS ON THIS SITE JUST TO FUCK YOU OVER AND SHOW YOU BITCHES WHOS MORE POWERFUL!  EAT SHIT AND DIE!

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