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Martingale Settings.


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4 hours ago, Forum_TP said:

Base Bet = Min

Target = Anywhere from 50X - 200X (Higher risk higher reward)

On Loss = Increase by 1.09X

On Win = Return to base bet


These settings have worked wonders for me on just about every dice site. Knowing when to restart the sequence taking a small loss is important.


Increase 1.09x = 9% Increase.

9%  Increase Is Really high  for  80x Payout. It makes for great profit that way but you can stretch out your loss streak ability. I dont know what the Increase part of the script will except .

(Could Be Wrong Calculating Via Brain)
1.01% increase = 1.0101x would still be profitable. 

So Increase Could Be 
1.04.. 1.09


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